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Elder Law Attorneys

America’s seniors deserve reliable and dedicated legal help. Daily & Toups has an established elder law and estate planning practice with a vast range of legal services.

Our elder law attorneys can help you with estate planning, probate, setting up and managing trusts, Medicaid planning, business continuation, asset protection and more.

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IRS Tax Attorneys

Daily & Toups is a leading tax law firm. Our tax attorneys have more than five decades of experience standing up to the IRS and helping clients resolve their tax problems.

Our tax services include audit defense, IRS appeals, unfiled tax returns, CID investigations, enforced collections – liens, levies and more.

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Meet the professional attorneys behind Daily & Toups

Frederick W. Daily

Founding Partner

Bishop L. Toups


Ian S. Giovinco

Of Counsel
You can talk freely about your problems with taxes or estate planning

Our attorneys are trained and dedicated professionals. They will work for you and defend your best interest at all cost. You can rest assured all your communication and sensitive information is protected under the “attorney-client” privilege.

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Thousands of clients rely on us for their tax problems, estate planning and Medicaid!

Tax problems can set your business back, even ruin your life. During his 50 years as one of America’s leading tax attorneys, Fred has served thousands of clients, ranging from tax audit, to missing tax returns, to defending criminal investigations and fraud.

We help people and businesses and use the full extend of the law to push back on the IRS.

At Daily & Toups we pride ourselves for helping our seniors secure their needs and wellbeing after retirement.

Our estate planning and elder law practice is known for its bullet-proof effectiveness.

Mr. Daily is THE expert in his field. I've had the pleasure to work with him for over 20 years and he has always found the time to counsel and explain the best course of action.

JG | tax law assistance and counsel

Mr. Daily and his expertise helped me get out of a tax situation that could have forced the dissolution of my business and ruined my credit.

Anonymous | Representation and defense in front of the IRS

Fred assisted us through a multi year audit with ease and professionalism. His guidance was excellent and it was obvious he knew exactly how to handle the IRS

Richard | Multiyear tax audit defense

Thank you. Thank you. You got the tax lien removed and I was able to get my home re-financed.

Stephan | Removal of erroneous federal tax lien

Two years ago my finances (and life) were a mess. The IRS was on my back with tax levies of my bank accounts. Today, all of that is behind me. I can sleep at night.

Seraphina | IRS debt reduced from $200,000 to $14,700

The accountant that you warned me against tried to create endless fear as an incentive to hire him. You then helped me through the process of getting back into the tax system and not worry.

Sharon | 12 years non-filing of tax returns

Fred, I believe you function as part attorney, part therapist. You really do care about your clients.

David | IRS business audit appeal case


Daily & Toups is a widely recognized law firm

We have more than 50 years of experience practicing tax law and more than 20 years practicing estate planning and elder law.
We’re working hard to help our clients deal with the IRS, manage their taxes, plan their life effectively – reducing costs, complexity and time required to control their assets.
Our lawyers have contributed to some of the biggest media outlets in the world – TV programs, newsletters, and magazines.
Our founding member Fred Daily has produced tax programs for Enrolled agents, CPAs, and the IRS. He participated in the 1998 Senate Finance Committee IRS hearings and contributed to major IRS Reform Act.
Fred was one of the most knowledgeable and successful tax attorneys of his time.

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Daily & Toups Have Published Our Own IRS and Tax Books

Stand Up to the IRS

A NOLO published book

IRS Bills? The Internal Revenue Service can wreak havoc on your life. This book has the information and strategies you need to confront America’s most intimidating agency.

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Tax Savvy for Small Business

A NOLO published book

Create a business tax strategy that will save you time, energy and money. Getting your tax on track will free time to do what really counts - running a profitable business.

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Surviving an IRS Tax Audit

An Amazon published book

Worried about surviving an IRS audit? This book explains what to say, what to do, even what to wear so that a visit from the auditor doesn't turn into a disaster.

View on Amazon

We have been helping businesses and individuals deal with tax problems for more than 50 years!

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