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Daily & Toups is an established tax law firm.  For over fifty years, we have been helping clients nationwide to get on top of their taxes and stand up to the IRS.

Our Firm’s history of helping clients Stand Up to the IRS started in 1972. Frederick (Fred) W. Daily III laid the roots for Daily & Toups and opened his tax law practice in California.

In 2017, Fred partnered with Bishop Toups to establish the Firm.


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Proficient in all matters tax and IRS, our lawyers can answer all your questions in a free consultation!

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Frederick W. Daily

Founding Partner
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Bishop L. Toups

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Ian S. Giovinco

Of Counsel

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Our firm is dedicated exclusively to the practice of IRS tax representation. We understand that dealing with the IRS can have a serious mental and physical impact on our clients.

Our goal is to help our clients resolve IRS tax issues quickly while negotiating the most favorable resolution possible. We believe that our combination of fifty plus years of tax experience and aggressiveness makes all the difference when we represent clients in front of the IRS.


Tax Law Books and Education

We have helped represent thousands of clients – individuals and businesses – in front of the IRS.

When Fred began his tax practice in 1972 he made it a goal to educate people about tax law and how to effectively represent yourself when faced with dealing with the IRS.

Fred has since authored some of the most popular IRS tax books ever published. Stand Up to the IRS (Nolo) has been the best selling book of all time on dealing with the IRS.

Stand Up to the IRS

A NOLO published book

IRS Bills? The Internal Revenue Service can wreak havoc on your life. This book has the information and strategies you need to confront America’s most intimidating agency.

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Tax Savvy for Small Business

A NOLO published book

Create a business tax strategy that will save you time, energy and money. Getting your tax on track will free time to do what really counts - running a profitable business.

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Surviving an IRS Tax Audit

An Amazon published book

Worried about surviving an IRS audit? This book explains what to say, what to do, even what to wear so that a visit from the auditor doesn't turn into a disaster.

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