Areas of law we can help in

Our offices have years of experience in dealing with many legal conerns including elder law, IRS cases, and estate planning. You can find a description of our legal services below as well as links to learn more about each.

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Tax Law Services

We’re big believers in doing your own taxes. However, some cases require the help of professional tax lawyers. Daily, Montfort & Toups is a tax law firm dedicated to helping you stand up to the IRS!

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Elder Law & Medicaid Planning

Daily, Montfort & Toups are helping adults and seniors put their lives in order through professional elder law services. We’re dedicated to our clients and work to improve their quality of life and help them achieve peace of mind for more than two decades! Learn more about our Elder Law and Medicaid Planning services below.

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Estate Planning Services

Our attorneys can help you create a robust strategy for protecting your personal and businesses assets in a number of situations. We can help with trust administration, business succession planning, and designating beneficiaries. Learn more about our estate planning services below.

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Daily & Toups have practice tax law for 5 decades. We have never given up on our case and we apply a personal attitude for each and everyone of our customers.

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IRS Tax Appeals

The IRS’ Office of Appeals provides an administrative process of challenging the findings and conclusions of a tax audit or other IRS actions. The Office of Appeals will review your case and provide an independent judgment, often softening the decision of the IRS. Dail & Toups can help you prepare and file an IRS tax appeal. We will ensure all legal tools are leveraged and all procedures are followed properly, increasing the likelihood of a successful appeal and reducing penalties imposed by the IRS. Contact us today to speak with a knowledgable attorney.

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Probate Services

Probate is a legal procedure that handles the transition of assets and property after a person’s death. Daily & Toups can suggest alternatives that will bypass the probate procedure, transfer the assets cost-effectively and protect it against any claims. Learn more about our probate services below.

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Payroll Tax Matters

When you run a business and employ workers, you are responsible for handling payroll taxes. You need to deduct your employees’ taxes from their salaries and pay them to the IRS in their name. At the same time, there are proportionate amount of taxes you need to pay as a business for each of your employees. Any delay or failure to pay due taxes will introduce interest and penalties which will grow over time. The IRS is more strict with companies than it is with individuals. It may take time before the agency knocks on the door. But eventually, they will and the business will have to face a heavy financial burden.

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