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High Dollar Cases

High dollar cases are forwarded to special IRS divisions of highly trained, seasoned agents. If you are being investigated for owing large amounts of taxes to the IRS things will become very serious very fast. You need to act immediately.

Daily & Toups is a tax law firm. We have the expertise and experience necessary to deal with high dollar cases and negotiate the best terms possible with the IRS. Contact us to start working on your defense today.

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High Dollar Cases


The IRS handles high dollar tax cases more aggressively

High profile taxpayers, like sports stars and performers, are the IRS’ way of making an example

There is a substantial difference between how the IRS handles minor tax misdemeanors and high-value cases involving hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Every IRS branch has specially trained Revenue Officers who handle high dollar cases separately. They are seasoned investigators with thousands of cases under their belts and have all available resources at their disposal.

It’s their job to probe you from every possible angle:

  • Collect extensive records of your real estate, DMV and other valuable property
  • Collect credit records from all three major providers in the US
  • Demand financial information about you from your company or employer
  • Scan W-2 forms, 1099 reports, and FBAR
  • Get records from Accuriant or Lexis Nexis

The agents will even Google you up, check your social media accounts and even stalk your usual joints. They will hunt down and collect every piece of information about you, then, turn it into a weapon against you. High dollar agents will fight for every dollar on your tax bill.

If you ever thought the regular tax auditors were intimidating, these agents are downright scary. By cracking down high dollar cases, the IRS maintains it’s reputation as America’s most feared agency, thus intimidating regular citizens into diligently paying their taxes.

You must act immediately

It’s imperative you organize your defense the soonest you get wind of a high dollar investigation into you or your business. The special agents will eventually uncover every dollar of unpaid tax in your name.

If during the investigation the IRS finds evidence of fraud and tax evasions, then the case will fall under the jurisdiction of the Criminal Investigations Division. CID will use the full resources of the IRS to punish you and make an example.

Depending on the case, penalties may be:

Filing late tax returns - civil penalty up to 25% of owed taxes.

Errors and discrepancies in tax returns - civil penalty up to 20% of owed taxes.

Intentional tax evasion and fraud - civil penalty of 75% of owed taxes.

Failure to file your tax returns AT ALL - 1 year in prison and a fine of $25,000 for each year you didn't file a tax return.

Filing a false tax return - felony conviction with up to 3 years in prison and a fine up to $100,000.

Lying to an IRS employee - up to 3 years in prison and a fine up to $100,000.

Criminal conviction of tax evasion and fraud - up to 5 years in prison and a fine up to $100,000.

You need to identify the most critical and damaging issues in your records and rectify them before the IRS has a chance to act upon them. In doing so, you will reduce the severity of any penalties and charges pressed against you, likely sidestepping the worst case scenario.

With a dulled edge, the IRS will be much more open to negotiations in order to achieve a fair resolution.


You don’t have to face the IRS alone!

High dollar cases are both time-sensitive and require surgical precision. In order to resolve the problem accurately and in a timely fashion, you need a tax attorney that’s well versed in IRS practices and knows how to counter them effectively.

At Daily & Toups we have in-depth knowledge of IRS internal procedures. Our attorneys have worked with the agency, developing numerous programs for IRS agents, Enrolled Agents and CPAs.

With more than 50 years of experience, we’ve helped dozens of clients manage high dollar encounters with the IRS and negotiate fair terms.

You can’t wait for the IRS to make the first move. If you know about an ongoing investigation against you, contact us now, so we can work out your defense strategy.

Our mission is to secure the best outcome for our clients. Where we can’t stop the IRS from imposing a penalty, we work to reduce the charges as much as possible.

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Hear from some of our clients

I've had the pleasure to work with Mr. Daily for over 20 years, and he has always found the time to counsel and explain the best course of action.

JG | tax law assistance and counsel

Mr. Daily helped me get out of a tax situation that could have forced the dissolution of my business and ruined my credit.

Anonymous | Representation and defense in front of the IRS

Fred assisted us through a multi year audit with ease and professionalism. His guidance was excellent and it was obvious he knew exactly how to handle the IRS

Richard | Multiyear tax audit defense

Thank you. Thank you. You got the tax lien removed and I was able to get my home re-financed.

Stephan | Removal of erroneous federal tax lien

Two years ago my finances (and life) were a mess. The IRS was on my back with tax levies of my bank accounts. Today, all of that is behind me. I can sleep at night.

Seraphina | IRS debt reduced from $200,000 to $14,700

The accountant that you warned me against tried to create endless fear as an incentive to hire him. You then helped me through the process of getting back into the tax system and not worry.

Sharon | 12 years non-filing of tax returns

Fred, I believe you function as part attorney, part therapist. You really do care about your clients.

David | IRS business audit appeal case