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Law Offices of Daily & Toups
St. Petersburg, Florida

Our St. Petersburg location offers legal services to the local community including Estate Planning, Probate, Tax Services, and Elder Law including Medicaid Planning. Call to speak with an experienced attorney today.

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Conveniently located just outside downtown St. Petersburg.

Law Offices of Daily & Toups St. Petersburg, Florida

7309 1st Avenue South, Suite A

St. Petersburg, FL 33707

(727) 201-0325

Our offices are just a short drive from downtown St. Petersburg.

  • Locate 1st Avenue North and travel west for about 5 miles
  • Turn left at Pasadena Avenue North and head south
  • On the 3rd crossroads, turn right onto 1st Avenue South and head west again
  • After half a mile, you will reach our Daily & Toups St.
  • Petersburg office on the right side of the road.

Legal Services in St. Petersburg Florida

The Law Offices of Daily & Toups in St. Petersburg can help with your legal needs. Our attorneys have decades of experience in matters of medicaid planning, business tax services, IRS audits, and elder law. An overview of our services are listed below. For more information check our legal services page.

Medicaid Planning

Medicaid planning can help ensure your financial future and healthcare is secure and protected as you transition into the later years of your life. Having an experience attorney to help navigate the waters can ensure the best financial support and asset protection possible.

Daily & Toup’s St. Petersburg offices can help connect you with an attorney experienced in medicaid planning. We have decades of experience helping our clients plan for their future and can help navigate State and local nuances to ensure you’re assets are well protected.

Talk with an attorney to get help organizing your income sources, allocating for monthly expenses, and planning for long-term care expenses. To learn more, visit our Medicaid Planning page.

Estate Planning

Our St. Petersburg location can help connect you with a local attorney to help create a robust estate to ensure your assets are protected and handled in your best interest. Our attorney’s have decades of experience can can help navigate local and State regulations to ensure the best protection.

Estate Planning can help protect anyone’s assets in the event of an unplanned life event that may result in death or incapitation. Our attorneys can help ensure your assets are distributed as you see fit and not claimed by the State.

We can help with asset organization, the creation of living wills and trusts, taking into account disability considerations, and much more.  Call our office today to speak with an experienced attorney or visit our Estate Planning services page for more information.

IRS Audits

IRS audits come in many shapes and sizes. Having an experienced attorney to act fast and effectively can mean the difference between hefty fines, dismissals, or even jail time in criminal audit defense cases.

Our St. Petersburg IRS defense services include personal audits, business audits, and even criminal tax investigations. Taking action fast is the best approach when dealing with the IRS. If you’re received correspondence from the IRS it’s essential to seek professional coucil immediately.

Contact us today to learn how we can help defend against the IRS and ensure the best possible outcome of any IRS audits. To learn more about the range of our tax and audit defense services, read our IRS audit defense services page.

Elder Law

Elder Law can help ensure your assets and wellbeing are protected in life’s later years. Our St. Petersburg location can help connect you with an experienced attorney to ensure you and your loved ones are well protected.

Our elder law services include Ladybird deeds, Miller trusts, incapacity planning, and even dealing with cases of abuse and/or neglect. Our attorneys can help protect you and your loved ones and ensure the best possible protection of financial assets.

Call us today to learn more about our elder law services and how they can benefit you and your loved ones. For more information regarding these services, read through our elder law services page


Schedule a Meeting at our St. Petersburg Office

Our tax attorneys will provide a free consultation on your tax matters – problems with the IRS, tax audits and appeals, unfiled returns, tax debt, levies, liens and more.

Our estate planning and elder law attorneys will help you setup a bulletproof estate plan, plan for your retirement, qualify you for Medicaid and ensure your future needs are taken care of.

Daily & Toups have served customers for more than 50 years. Our clients come back because we’re reliable and dedicated to their success.

I've had the pleasure to work with Mr. Daily for over 20 years, and he has always found the time to counsel and explain the best course of action.

JG | tax law assistance and counsel

Mr. Daily helped me get out of a tax situation that could have forced the dissolution of my business and ruined my credit.

Anonymous | Representation and defense in front of the IRS

Fred assisted us through a multi year audit with ease and professionalism. His guidance was excellent and it was obvious he knew exactly how to handle the IRS

Richard | Multiyear tax audit defense

Thank you. Thank you. You got the tax lien removed and I was able to get my home re-financed.

Stephan | Removal of erroneous federal tax lien

Two years ago my finances (and life) were a mess. The IRS was on my back with tax levies of my bank accounts. Today, all of that is behind me. I can sleep at night.

Seraphina | IRS debt reduced from $200,000 to $14,700

The accountant that you warned me against tried to create endless fear as an incentive to hire him. You then helped me through the process of getting back into the tax system and not worry.

Sharon | 12 years non-filing of tax returns

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