Estate Planning & Elder Law Services

Proper estate planning is crucial in order to ensure your assets and most valuable property is protected and managed in the most cost effective way.

We created the firm because we believe our solutions truly help clients achieve better quality of life.
– Bishop Toups, Partner

Trust Administration

Setting up and managing your trusts

Business Law

Taking care of the paperwork, while you do business

Business Succession Planning

Choose the man in charge

Asset Protection

Securing your most valuable possessions

Tax Planning

Smart decisions saving you money

Protecting what truly matters!

Reliable Estate Planning & Elder Law Solutions

Daily & Toups are experienced attorneys specializing in estate planning and elder law. We’re helping adults and seniors put their lives in order for more than two decades.

Our attorneys bring together a variety of skills that combine in a comprehensive, all encompassing service to our clients.

We’re dedicated to our clients and always work to improve their quality of life and help them achieve peace of mind.

Hundreds of happy clients

Our clients love us because we work hard, don’t say no and always find a solution.

We’re trusted by dozens of people every month to handle their estate plans and ensure their assets are protected.

We can’t prevent accidents from happening. But we can prepare you, your family and your estate to handle the most dire situations.

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Mr. Daily is THE expert in his field. I've had the pleasure to work with him for over 20 years and he has always found the time to counsel and explain the best course of action.

JG | tax law assistance and counsel

Mr. Daily and his expertise helped me get out of a tax situation that could have forced the dissolution of my business and ruined my credit.

Anonymous | Representation and defense in front of the IRS

Fred assisted us through a multi year audit with ease and professionalism. His guidance was excellent and it was obvious he knew exactly how to handle the IRS

Richard | Multiyear tax audit defense

Thank you. Thank you. You got the tax lien removed and I was able to get my home re-financed.

Stephan | Removal of erroneous federal tax lien

Two years ago my finances (and life) were a mess. The IRS was on my back with tax levies of my bank accounts. Today, all of that is behind me. I can sleep at night.

Seraphina | IRS debt reduced from $200,000 to $14,700

The accountant that you warned me against tried to create endless fear as an incentive to hire him. You then helped me through the process of getting back into the tax system and not worry.

Sharon | 12 years non-filing of tax returns

Fred, I believe you function as part attorney, part therapist. You really do care about your clients.

David | IRS business audit appeal case

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